Monday, October 20, 2008

false alarm....

last nite was horrified for me.i tot i had denggi!!!!im nt very sure wut r the symptoms but i do feel like "sengal2 sendi".dats 1 of them rite??so im terrified la.i heard when u got it,ull be put into ICU. and doc will frequently take ur blood for examination. adoi!!!!im afraid of of needle la kot!!!! i never think of donating my blood unless they take it without using needle. but suddenly, when i wake up this morning, the pain have gone. i would say its a false alarm. syukur!!! but i feel sad coz i have to go to work. last nite, i've set my mood to cuti mode since i tot im gonna get sick. nak cuti la. im tired of working 6days a week. give me back my saturday, u blood sucking bridgestone!!!!drama tol.hahahhahahaa...

Friday, October 17, 2008

saturday rebeller!!!!

Hye u people....Wut a nice morning rite.its weekend.Sky is crystal clear n every1 shud be in their gud mood,their best outfit and in your way to sumwhere fun.But damn sad for me dat i've to work today.huhu.I hate it!!!Its because ill be here at my office,doing nothing but sitting on my chair,looking at the pc screen.And trying to look like i have work to do.Ow,wut a wasteful day.Supposely, i shud be at my bed.Still golek2 and cant barely open my eyes. This makes me really miss my study life at UTM.huhu.
Well,let us pay attention on my story here. I want to tell u about this somebody whos really annoyed me. He is my boss!!! Actually, im not dat angry la bout this person. Hes good. i mean his knowledge,his communication skill and his ability to become a boss and direct people. Dats all gud. but the only problem is he thinks hes too damn gud. like the term "masuk bakul angkat sendiri". Almost everyday, if bumps into me, he will ask, "Kamarul ah, u know about this thing ah?". N just after i finish answering, he will say "dat's wrong." or "dats not the answer dat im looking for". dats ok la. maybe im really dat bad. but after dat he'll be like "in my time ah, we are so good,so independent...bla..bla..bla..n i learned all by myself,i learned quick and all". Then the lecture continue for another half an hour just to prove dat he's gud. I have to pretend like im listening and replying "haah...hahh...haah...". But all am i thinking is "wut the f**k r u saying? do i look like i care?" or "look whos talking?Mr.IMTOOGOOD". Seriously la, u dun have to be like dat. We already knew u r gud.U dun have to keep telling us. That will never me respect u more. Humble is a key word for respect!!!
Huh...Wut a relief. I've let it out. Feel better every1, just keep living life to the fullest.u'll never know wut's coming next.k?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


hye people.
im not really in a mood to write but since ive got nothing to do at my office, ive decided to write. well, wut im gonna say here is just my experience after my 1st 5month working at bridgestone. ow,before that, i wanna make it clear for everyone. im working for a factory dat produce SPOUNGE. so stop asking me for any new tyre, spare tyre, discount for 4 pieces tyres...i cant get those for u...or i can? im not sure...never ask my colleagues if my company can give tyres to employees.
anyway, about my work here, its not dat hard, means i can coop with all the stuff but sadly, 90% has nothing to do my study. i learned bout automotive and i ended up at spounge factory. the whole new thing. n i cant really stand it when Aman called me SPOUNGEBOY or ABG SEPAN.HANGIN AKU!!!! here, my work as an engineer is quoting a cost for product requested by our customer. it's just a simple math calculation and need sum creativity. n this month ive to learned all about making spounge.n this is the hardest part.i have to remember all the grades. yup,spounge is not just 1 type of spounge. they have various types, divided by its density, colour, polyol base(ow,polyol is 1 of 2 major chemical parts for spounge making), and many more la...see,its hard..cant remember pon...hahaha. n not just dat, ive to learn a lot more bout all related machines since im a MECHANICAL student...they will be like "ow,u r mechanical student, u should know this machine...fix it".like hell i know how to fix.i only know how to sleep la...hehe...shit!!!i shouldnt say im a mechy student.i should say im an engineering they wont class me.suprisingly, i know nothing bout most of these machines...dat shows me how much i didnt learn when i was at UTM. i play alot,sleep alot. so to my fellow friends, dont waste ur time at uni watching TV series,movies,and pretend to be the character(RUMATE aku wat!!!hahahaha)....u will be frustrated when u kow u cant do or remember anything dat uve learned. feel like wasting 4 years of ur time.but this prob wont stop me.i will figtht to my last breath to become the most powerful spounge maker in this world...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!(gelak HANTU!!!)....
another thing bout my work is the travel distance.its so far away.damn tired lor.its about 30mins. n its not 30 mins of very smooth,slow ride. its 30mins of demon speed ride. dats far!!! n i couldnt imagine the danger dat i encounter everyday. with all the big2 lorry and truck. they wont even care bout us, motocyclist...if u blocking their way,u'll definitely be honked. its f**ing loud...can make u shit ur pant...adoi!!!! this prob wont be happening if that lying bastard start telling the truth and give me my car....its 2 months already...n i cant see even a glance of my beautiful JANE(ow,dats my car's name).huhu.1 thing bout car salesperson.they are not capable on telling the truth.all the words come out from their smelly mouth are bullshit!!!!hoooiiii...marah tol!!!!
dah tired of writing. actually, i have to go. its 5.30. time to go home. dats the only good thing bout working. to know dat u r going home after d end of the day!!!!penat tau keje!!!(macam wat keje!!!hahahah)...adios everyone...ow,any grammar mistake,comment nah...daaaaaaa....

Monday, October 13, 2008

new life inside C-3A-22

halu….here me again….alone inside my bujang house(C-3A-22 is d house no…come visit us lorh..).other’s gone.aman n amin went to fly a big 737.n wong…ha…dunno..where is dat guy???ow,actually those are my housemate.great guys.we got alot in common.we r lazy,nvr wash our dishes,love instant mee(ruski tomyam sedap…go to jusco n buy 1…coz giant doesnt sell it),n much more la.ow,we just bought a washer beb.cost us 1 month gaji.but it is now we dont have to crawl down to dobi downstair to wash our clothes.also its too expensive.10 for few kgs.but now just few buttons n walla.can go sleep lg b4 washing done.haha.but sumtime 1 week pun baru basuh baju.pemalas kan we all.haha. living on my own really make me it?no la.independent is for ppl who dont need learn alot how to survive.before i dont need to think about bills,house rent,money for family,but now all had come…selambak je.then have to think about dividing gaji for all. minyak,groceries,even food pun has to be catur.i love eating can i arrange my food.if today eat gud food,tomorrow megi je…huhu..sad thing.n funny thing is dis is only my 1st month.haha.lama2 lg teruk kot.adoi…n ppl said dats life.guess wut?i dont want it to be dat way.hopefully ill b rich by figured.tapi xmo bgtau.afraid it might not go well n ppl will call me mat jenin.hehe. so now i wanna go watch drillbit…ppl said funny…we just see how it goes.ow,im watching it alone.please sumbody company me.kang aku ckp ngan kerusi kang ni…hahaha…so da….enjoy our life everyone!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my 1st ever blog…mai..mai baca….

its has been 23 years and i havent had any chance to say wut really inside my mind. its not really my way to write o tell my own opinion to public…usually i just keep it to myself(pemendam rasa hati rupenye…hehe)…one of the reason why i dont write is my english sux….even now pun,i feel like ive made mistakes….but every1 does…so wut the hell….another reason,maybe bcoz im a bit pemalu…alot ppl say dat…"tgk mayon tu…pemalu…sopan je..tentu diminati oleh mak2 utk bakal menantu"…..hahahaha….but in last few weeks,ive been chatting with a superduper cute lil blogger(thanx kamu!!!really hope ull be d 1st 1 to read this). she advised me to write my own blog. and she said dont be shy to make mistakes and blog doesnt hav to be in english…so i go with rojak!!!!!


Many stuff to tell after i know i can write…hehe….but im damn confident dat most of my writing will be rubbish/tahi/expired food...maybe a few can be inspiring...n im happy to share my life story with others..hopefully every1 can enjoy it.
First of all i would like to thank my closest friends for being beside me for so long….u guys r da best!!!i wont trade u guys with d whole money in this world combined….ow,n just a reminder to all…please do appreciate ur friend…coz if they gone n u r alone,damn boring…mcm hantu je….nobody cares bout u….then later u will slowly talk to meja,kerusi,ur bujang food,….hav fight with ur own pillow….can go dat crazy u know….seram2… so nothing much i wanna say in my first ever blog…..but later if i have sumthing inside my mind,ill definitely write it down…ow,n if there any grammar mistakes ke,wording ke,just let me know ah…k?….mesti ade la tu…chow2….